Benefits of Membership

The IBA is the representative body for Insurance Brokers in Ireland. IBA was formed in 1990 as the result of a merger of NIIBA (National Insurance and Investment Brokers Association) and CIBI (Corporation of Insurance Brokers in Ireland).
IBA is recognised by the Minister for Enterprise, Trade & Employment for the purposes of regulating its members under the terms of the Insurance Act 1989. This regulatory role was transferred to the Central Bank of Ireland with effect from 1 April 2001 under the Insurance Act, 2000.
Becoming a member of the IBA offers numerous benefits to Insurance brokers

1. Representative Body

The IBA represents the industry and its members on a number of platforms:

  • Represent members in Ireland and EU.
  • Promote the role of the Broker/Financial Advisor through media and press
  •  Political lobbying – e.g. Central Bank, Oireachtas,

2. Heavily Resourced

Decades of investment has led to a very strong structure, led by CEO, Ciaran Phelan and an executive council made up of 14 Broker Members.

3. Compliance Support

IBA offers a significant support system and expert guidance to members in relation to CSI that an only be truly appreciated when you join and have access.
All Compulsory CPD hours are provided by IBA Compliance Support.
Compliance Audits in broker offices available

4. Compensation Fund

Brokers can significantly improve their competitive position though our Compensation fund
Up to 5 times more cover than the ICCL

5. CPD Hourly Requirement

The full 15 hours CPD per year requirement is covered through attendance at CPD seminars/events arranged by the IBA. You also get access to the online facility via our secure login system.

6. Office Procedure manuals

Members get access to Four Manuals the IBA has produced, providing members with valuable support in applying personalised best regulatory practice to all aspects of their business.
Governance and Professional Requirements
General Insurance
Life, Pensions and Investments
Mortgage Manual

7. Seminars & Events

Members get access to a large number of Seminars & Events for all broker staff – 2,000 brokers and staff attend IBA regional meetings every year. Some of the events include:

  •   General Insurance Conference
  •   Life, Pensions & Investment awards (LPI Awards)
  •   Annual Lunch – attended by over 600 industry players
  •   Workshops, Digital Marketing, Soft skills training
  •   Webinars
  •   Ethics Seminars

8. Practical Documents

  • Professional Indemnity Guide
  • Several template documents for your business

9. Broker 4 Broker Schemes

We have a comprehensive Broker 4 Broker matching system, accessible via our secure login area that covers 100 different product types in over 20 categories, allowing you to avail of hard-to-find insurance products for YOUR client without giving access to your client.

10. Communication

All members and their staff receive a weekly update on IBA activities and Industry news.

Membership & access to our dedicated LinkedIn Discussion Group

Access to continually updated Members area on the website with documents, news, press releases.

11. Use of IBA Facilities

All our members have FREE access to the IBA boardroom facility, which holds up to 16 people including internet access and Wide Screen TV and presentation facilities.

12. MYIBA (Formerly known as Young IBA)

My IBA represents all member staff offering wide range of CPD events, Educational assistance, social events and networking occasions. Over 800 members have signed up to date and it is continually growing. MyIBA also has its own dedicated section in our Secure Login Members area.

13. Affinity Schemes

As a leading trade body, we actively seek out cost saving schemes for members across a wide range of services, including

  • Telecommunications deal with Vodafone
  •  Call recording scheme
  • Office Supplies and Furniture scheme

14. Value for money

Talk to Brokers Ireland today about membership rates for broker firms at