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27 Jun 2016

Accountancy Graduates – Which Career

So the long days and nights of study are over, the exams are done and your degree is on the…

Travel Insurance
21 Jun 2016

Travel Cover – Complacency Could Cost Your Clients Dearly!

Thousands of Irish consumers may travel abroad this Summer with little or no travel cover in place to cover unforeseen…

Health Insurance
24 May 2016

Health Insurance -Thinking of Cancelling, Think Again!

Health insurance premiums are on the rise again.  VHI and GloHealth have just introduced rate increases and the other insurers…

Mortgage Image
16 May 2016

Little Hope for Younger People that Mortgage Lending Restrictions Will Ease

Last month the Central Bank came out to say that their mortgage lending rules are mostly likely here to stay….

sales target
10 May 2016

Missed Sales Opportunities due to Abandoned Calls

Cut down on abandoned calls All insurance brokerages experience a significant number of abandoned calls on a daily basis. This…

healthy image
10 May 2016

Stabilising your energy levels for effective sales performance

Do you feel fatigued when you wake, bloated, de-motivated, tired at 3pm, struggle to sleep, brain fogginess and inability to…

Beautiful customer representative with headset smiling during a telephone conversation
26 Apr 2016

Utilising Phone Communication in Doing Broker Business Effectively

In part one of our two-part blog, we take an in-depth look at some of the advantages that ShoreTel’s unified…

health insurance
19 Apr 2016

Health Insurance – More Increases Coming Your Way

Even though the health insurance market has recovered somewhat in terms of overall membership, recent developments have reminded us that…

21 Mar 2016

1916 Recruitment Turns full 360

With all the focus on the centenary of the Easter rising, it struck me that there are similarities between 1916…