Royal London Offering “The Best Specified Serious Illness Cover Available”


3rd May 2017

Leading protection specialist Royal London, following recent enhancements, now has the best Specified Serious Illness cover available. Royal London has improved its Specified Serious Illness and it now covers more illnesses than any other product on the market – in fact, there are no illnesses covered by any provider’s product that Royal London does not cover! In addition, it includes enhanced definitions and offerings like its unique Donor Cover and it also now provides Children’s Specified Serious Illness Cover from birth.

Joe Charles, Head of Proposition at Royal London said, “Earlier this year, we asked Financial Brokers for feedback on how we could improve our product offerings, and we received some valuable and much appreciated insights from you. We’ve acted very quickly based on this, and our own initiatives, to make changes to revamp our Specified Serious Illness proposition. So our Specified Serious Illness product now offers even more cover for your clients, and provides what we believe is the best cover on the market.

We’ve added ten new Partial Payment Conditions to extend our cover for the most common serious illness claims; cancer, heart related illnesses and stroke. In particular, as more people than ever before are thankfully surviving cancer diagnosis*, we’ve strengthened our cover for early forms of it. And, if your client is later diagnosed with a more severe form of cancer (that meets the cancer definition in our policy conditions), they’ll still get a payout of their full sum assured.

Of the ten new Partial Payment Conditions covered by Royal London, five of these new conditions provide wide ranging cover for early forms of cancer at 50% of the cover amount, up to €15,000. It also includes cover for permanent pacemaker insertion and eye stroke, strengthening the overall coverage if your client suffers from a heart related illness or stroke.

The enhanced cover from Royal London includes new and improved full payment conditions too. The definition for Motor Neurone Disease has been improved making it more comprehensive so people diagnosed with variants, like Kennedy’s disease for example are now covered. It includes new cover for Necrotising Fasciitis, a flesh-eating bacteria, which can be significantly life threatening for those diagnosed with it. No existing conditions have been removed in the process, for example Chronic Pancreatitis and Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis of specified severity remain full payment conditions covered. And the cover now includes Specified Serious Illness cover from birth for the children of your clients.

Joe continued, “Our new and improved Specified Serious Illness offering has been revamped to be better than ever, with new additions further improving the level of cover you can offer your clients. As Royal London is both a broker only company and a mutual, our constant focus on our product development is to ensure we do our best to provide superior offerings to our brokers and their customers in turn, so they then have great protection in place. We believe these new developments mean you can tell your clients, that with Royal London, they are covered by the most comprehensive Specified Serious Illness cover product on the market.

Organ Donor Cover

We’re also proud to be the first provider in Ireland to include Donor Cover. It means we will pay €2,500 as a once off lump sum to living donors who donate a kidney, bone marrow or a portion of lung or liver to a family member. Donating an organ is a noble act indeed and this lump sum will help provide a financial cushion to donors going through the operation and recovery involved.

More value for your clients

Joe concluded, “Already this year, we have continued our very popular special offer, made significant improvements to our Income Protection cover and now revamped our Specified Serious Illness product – based on your suggestions – to offer the best Specified Serious Illness cover on the market for your clients. Over 2017, as part of Royal London’s commitment to help you to offer great protection products to the Irish public, we’ll continue to bring out further improvements to our propositions.

If you would like more information on our Specified Serious Illness enhancements, please contact your Royal London Broker Consultant or Case Manager, they would be delighted to hear from you!

Full details of Royal London’s Specified Serious Illness offering can be found on its Broker Centre;

* 61% of patients diagnosed with cancer in Ireland between 2010-2014 were still alive five years after diagnosis compared to 44% during 1994-1998. (National Cancer Registry, 2016: Cancer in Ireland 1994-2014: Annual Report of the National Cancer Registry).