Broker Ireland Mortgages Update


11th Jan 2018


Haven, KBC and permanent tsb and all open for CBI exemptions.  If you are looking for more information on exemptions please contact the Brokers Ireland Mortgage unit.  To obtain an exemption with any lender clients must have a property identified.

Brokers Ireland Mortgage Service now has a new mailbox for all case enquires which is:  This is for mortgage cases that may be outside criteria or have special circumstances that you would like to clarify prior to submitting.  For all queries relating to “what is the maximum borrowings clients can get” please refer to the lender calculators in the library system. If you are unsure how to use the calculators please call the unit and we will explain how to use the calculators.

Unit turnaround times are currently 24 hours.  To maintain this service, we ask you to please adhere to the following;

  • all documents being submitted to Brokers Ireland Mortgages to be submitted to
  • please DO NOT send emails to multiple BI staff members on the same case, this is increasing our work load and effecting service times, if you are unsure who to send a query to please send it to the info mailbox.
  • When submitting a case please use the checklist to ensure you are sending in a complete case. You can find the checklist in the library section of our online mortgage system.
  • Use the notes and messages section on our online system to contact us on your case, this is the quickest way to contact us on your cases.

Brokers Ireland Network Services Application Fee has increased to €350.00 per case from the 10th of January 2018.  The commission structure has not change and all commissions payable on a cheque issued mortgage application will be payable in full to the brokerage submitting the case.

Brokers Ireland Network Services ltd is a non-for-profit organisation and continues to be so.  The increase in application fee is to cover the resources used in the mortgage unit to process applications.

What is covered by the Application Fee:

  • This covers the review of the client application by the unit and the submission to the specific Lender that you are recommending to the client.
  • All stages from application to drawdown.
  • If the application is declined we will try subsequent banks and exhaust all avenues to gain approval (please note only one lender will be approached at a time)
  • The case will remain live for 12 months following the first AIP.

The terms and conditions sent out in your Appointment with Brokers Ireland Network Services Ltd have not been affected by this change.

If you have any queries on the above please contact Kimberley Hyland directly on 01 4922203.