Brokers Ireland General Insurance Survey


24th Jan 2018

This week, Broker Ireland Members (General Brokers) you will receive an email from Sarah McChrystal, W5 inviting you to partake in Brokers Ireland General Insurance Survey. The purpose of this revised General Insurance Survey is to establish which Insurer/Product Producer provided the best service and support to members during 2017.

The survey has been designed so that it is easier and quicker to complete whilst essentially providing information which will give a definitive result. A weighting will apply against those Insurers/Product Producers who through their channel pricing have caused disruption to members due to channel differential pricing.

There are three distinct sections in the new survey – If you are completing all of the survey categories please indicate so on the request page.

PERSONAL LINES ( Private Motor, Home, Travel )

This section is to be completed by members who transact Personal Lines with the Insurers nominated in the survey.

When Members complete the Personal Lines Section there will be a link directly to the Commercial Lines Survey.

COMMERCIAL LINES (All commercial business including Commercial Motor, Vans/Haulage)

When Members complete the Commercial Lines Section there will be a link directly to the Specialist Survey.

SPECIALIST CATEGORIES ( Insurers with specialist type products)

When you have answered all questions, you will have completed the survey. The survey should take you no longer than 15 minutes. We would appreciate if you take this short time out to complete the survey in order to give you a true and fair reflection of your dealings with Insurers throughout 2017.

We urge general brokers to participate in the survey as it it presents a major opportunity to review the level of service and support received from Insurer providers.

Should you have any questions about the survey please don’t hesitate to contact myself or Hazel in Brokers Ireland on 01 6613067 or email and


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