Suggestions to Prevent Credit Card Fraud


9th Feb 2017

Financial crime is one of the top two profit-generating crimes in Ireland at the moment.

Vigilance is required for every credit card transaction. Getting the CVV is not enough to prevent fraudulent transactions being processed.  Suggestions from the Fraud Investigation Unit of An Garda Síochana . . .

  • In suspect cases brokers should carry out a Google search on the Bank Identifier Number (BIN) provided by the customer – this is the first six digits of the card.  The search will identify the bank and if a person residing in Ireland is using, for example, a UK bankcard this should raise alarm bells as the card might be compromised.
  • When non-face-to-face transactions are taking place, the most secure means for brokers would be to avail of 3d Secure transactions and these are all verified by VISA. Contact your merchant for more details