Alpha Wealth


Alpha Wealth is a dynamic financial services company that provides tailored specific solutions to individuals and companies. They provide impartial independent advice on various financial products, helping people to achieve and maintain their desired lifestyle.


Alpha Wealth know that every individual has a unique set of circumstances, which they strive to understand and assist them through. All the advice they provide is free and their services extend to whatever you wish them to explore for you.

Their ethos is to save you money, make you money and ensure that you are protected in the event of the unforeseen. Their experienced and professional staff will help make sure your money works harder for you and that you fully understand all your options.

This is embodied in their motto: ‘Finance Made Simple’.

Key Areas of Expertise:

  1. Savings
  2. Investments
  3. Protection & Insurance
  4. Retirement Planning
  5. Health Insurance (Alpha Health)

Corporate Solutions

Alpha Wealth provide financial advisory clinics for employees and employers. They give workshops (1:1 or in groups) as well as presentations to staff. They have done this for some of the largest companies in Ireland, such as VMware, OtterBox and Citco.

These include:

  • Financial Budgeting
  • Protection
  • Achieve the best returns on savings
  • Reducing Bank Charges
  • Mortgages
  • Incentives to reduce tax

They provide group risk cover and pension advice for small, medium and large companies and their independence allows them to achieve the best rates for the companies across the market.


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Address: 9 Eastgate Avenue, Little Island, Ireland
Phone: 021 2061783